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Stampaggi Industriali srl

Via Ferruccio Fioretti, 14
60131 ANCONA

€ 100.000,00 i.v.

EN 02070870429

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Moulds and Moulding of Plastic Materials


Stampaggi Industriali, founded in the early 90s as a natural continuation of the traditional activity of the Spegne family in the world of plastics.
Since the beginning the technology together with the historical know-how allow to propose itself as a highly qualified supplier and technological partner both for the development phases and for the realization of the product for the customers.
The following years, characterized by strong growth, gave to Stampaggi Industriali a national dimension, crossing the regional borders to satisfy the growing demand for services of the emerging companies in the south of Italy.
In 1997 a new and intense collaboration with Zanzar SpA began.
Collaboration characterized by strong personal esteem, which allows to increase the relationship, until the In&Out Group's entrance in the company's capital.
Today the strong industrial impulse of the Group, together with the organizational and managerial commitment of the whole team, have consolidated a young reality able to offer a quality and complete cycle service in the production of thermoplastic injection molded elements, in all critical phases of the process: co-design of the article, creation of the mold and finally the actual molding; managing, in addition, post-processing such as ultrasonic welding, screen printing, painting, assembly and packaging customized. Osimo's production plants, highly automated and equipped with the latest technology, offer the possibility to produce on three shifts in continuous cycle with large volume series and repeatability of 200 PPM.
Finally, the management philosophy oriented to the most modern Lean systems guarantees maximum results with customer advantage in terms of service, value and quality really perceived.

Matteo Turns Off

General Manager